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Choosing a reliable and professional laundry Da Nang spot plays a big role when you want to save time and money. Opt for the wrong one, you will have more troubles to handle. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good place in Da Nang, Green Laundry Da Nang is the first choice you should consider. So what makes this brand highly recommended?

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The dangers of choosing a bad laundry store

When it comes to deciding on a laundry shop, you should consider many factors. Choosing a terrible one will cause you lots of troubles as well as health problems. So ever you wonder what risks you can fall in if you make a bad decision on a laundry shop?

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  1. Easy to lost clothes: When using the laundry services at unreliable stores, the danger of losing your clothes is very high. Due to having no invoice or receipt of delivery, your clothes can be missing or mix with others stuff. Therefore, when you pick up the clothes, you can find something lost and clothes of someone else in your bag instead.
  2. Weaken the tensile strength of clothes: Some laundry shop has poor facilities and old equipment that can make your garments worn out, faded, or stretched. In some case, your clothing can be stained with other clothes. Hence, they lost their original form and color. In the worst case, you have to throw them away. It can cause many troubles, especially expensive apparels made in leather, felt, fur materials.
  3. Increase risk of infection: The most dangerous thing when doing laundry outside is the risk of infection. The reason for this problem is that the washing / machine is not good enough. As a result, the bacteria from the previous washing can stick in the machine and infect the next washing clothes. And that maybe your clothes! These bacteria can cause lots of skin-diseases such as acne, boil, rash, etc.
  4. Time and money consuming: Going to laundry is a way to save time for you but if it gives awful experiences, it wastes more time and money. You not only feel irritated but also take time and money to handle the troubles of clothes.

With all the factors above, it’s so important to choose a reliable laundry for a good
experience. One of the best laundry shops in the city is Green Laundry Da Nang. So
why you should choose this spot? Let’s find out!

Green Laundry Da Nang offers a variety of services

Green Laundry Da Nang specializes in clothes, blankets, towels cleaning, especially dry cleaning. It offers 4 kinds of services including clothes laundry, dry cleaning, industrial and uniform laundry.

Unlike many laundry shops, Green Laundry Da Nang provides clothes cleaning with individual washing machine for each customer. Moreover, they separate the white and colorful clothes when washing. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about your clothing being stained or lost.

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Green Laundry Shop in Vietnam

Dry cleaning is a high-class service served for high-end clothing like the vest, leather jackets, silk fabrics, etc. It uses steam instead of water to clean clothes. Therefore, it reduces the force on the garments so they can maintain the original form and color.

On the other hand, the industrial and uniform cleaning service is for companies, hotels, etc. The modern system with a capacity from 5 to 7 tons a day, Green Laundry Danang has become a laundry partner of many enterprises, hotels, apartments, villas in the city

Green Laundry Da Nang offers the best facilities

Following the name, the shop is decorated with a green color. As a result, when you step inside, you can feel refresh and cool. Otherwise, other furniture is in white color so it makes you feel clean. With lots of new and modern washing machine, you can use their services comfortably. It has specialized facilities to use in the industrial laundry or dry cleaning. The laundry always strives to equip the newest equipment in the field to satisfy customers.

Giặt ủi Green Laundry Đà Nẵng

Green Laundry Da Nang brings the best convenience

Green Laundry Da Nang has 2 stores in the city so it’s convenient wherever you are. It opens every day from 7:30 AM to 10 PM. If you’re around the stores within a radius of 2 kilometers, it offers free pickup and delivery for customers. If you live outside the delivery range, the cost depends on the size of your washing load. Besides, in case the pickup time is from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, your clothes can be delivered back on the same day. After 5:30 PM, delivery will be the following morning

Giặt ủi đà nẵng

As you see, Green Laundry always provides the most convenient and comfortable services for customers. They understand the nowadays busy pace of life and work, so using services here will help you save time a lot. In addition, the friendly and professional staff is a huge bonus plus of the brand.

In conclusion

With the excellent services and attentive staff, Green Laundry Da Nang brings a great place to clean your stuff. It’s highly recommended by locals but also the travelers and expats. For more information about the process and invoices, you can visit its website to get support. Don’t miss out this spot in case you’re in trouble finding a nice laundry shop in Da Nang.

Some frequently asked questions

How much do laundry clothes in Danang?

Yes. The unit price for washing clothes is VND 20,000 / kg. If your clothes are wet, Green Laundry will weigh after washing and drying.

How long do I get the clothes clean?

Yes. Completion time is 3 hours to 5 hours.

Does Green Laundry excellence in serving tourists?

Green Laundry helps tourists save more. Laundry prices are lower than hotels. Wash separately for each person.

How can I contact the laundry?

Yes, Very easy. You can send messages on Google Maps, Facebook, Whatsapp.

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